Blue Pinoy Veil Widefin Angelfish


Blue Pinoy Veil Widefin Angelfish

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5 star
from on 3/12/2020
Vary high
from on 6/1/2018
I love these they are like nothing I’ve ever seen can’t wait till they are full grown with all of there blue color I have bought maybe 25 different angles from angle mania and love every one of them. When I received them they were vary healthy I had no worry’s about them when acclimating them Angelmania
.net can’t be beat angels are beautiful and prices are low.
from on 4/16/2018
Bought two of these and there is a reason Lee describes them as spectacular. They are just mesmerizing. I have several different kinds of angels from Lee and they are all just perfect. Impossible to pick a favorite. These beauties are growing quickly and are just irresistible to watch. They are like a dream to watch moving around in the tank with the other fabulous angels. Absolutely no disappointment with these fish!
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