Blue Pinoy Veil Widefin Angelfish


Blue Pinoy Veil Widefin Angelfish

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Vary high
from on 6/1/2018
I love these they are like nothing I’ve ever seen can’t wait till they are full grown with all of there blue color I have bought maybe 25 different angles from angle mania and love every one of them. When I received them they were vary healthy I had no worry’s about them when acclimating them Angelmania
.net can’t be beat angels are beautiful and prices are low.
from on 4/16/2018
Bought two of these and there is a reason Lee describes them as spectacular. They are just mesmerizing. I have several different kinds of angels from Lee and they are all just perfect. Impossible to pick a favorite. These beauties are growing quickly and are just irresistible to watch. They are like a dream to watch moving around in the tank with the other fabulous angels. Absolutely no disappointment with these fish!
from on 4/12/2018
I was so skeptical ordering fish and having them shipped all the way to Oregon. But after combing through all the LFS around me, I couldn't find anything like these. I ordered 3 all together and received 5 healthy beautiful babies! They didn't even seem phased and are thriving! They are going to be the life of my tank and show stoppers! I also bought the miracle bites and my other angels like it too! Lee was great at responding to my questions throughout the process. They were packed great. One baby did have a split upper fin from shipping but it healed in less than a week with no problems. I will be ordering from Angelmania again for sure!
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