Ovadine Egg Disinfectant (2oz)

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It's no secret that hatching angelfish eggs and getting them raised into healthy freswimming fry is not easy. Even when you've done it for years, trust me, it is not always easy. Some folks use methylene blue, some prefer hydrogen peroxide. Different things work best in different water conditions. We have come to rely more and more on Ovadine. This iodine-based formula is powerful and can be used to sterilize angelfish eggs (spawns) while still unhatched. This can result in far better results trying to raise angelfish fry. Raise healthier, better swimming, faster growing angelfish fry. Comes in a 2.0 amber glass jar, enough to last the typical breeder about a year of sterilized spawns. INSTRUCTIONS: Mix 10-15 drops in a gallon of water. Submerge eggs for 20 minutes. Remove eggs to hatching jar or tank.

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