Premium Brine Shrimp Eggs (28.5 grams)

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Want to give your juvenile angelfish a growth spurt? Supplement their feeding with freshly hatched baby brine shrimp. These are fresh, premium quality brine shrimp eggs with 90% hatchout. Mix a small batch every day or a few times a week to give your juvenile angelfish a special treat. They will grow faster and develop much better color with this natural, nutritious, live food. Simply mix the desired amount of eggs with 2 litres of water and 3 tablespoons salt and insert an airline. In 24 hours, you have a great meal for your fish! You can see our procedure for hatching these eggs in the "Videos" page of our website. We ship only the freshest eggs in an airtight jar (not in some messy plastic bag). You should refrigerate these eggs to keep them at their freshest.

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