A+ Group of 40 Philippine Blue Angelfish (LESS THAN $2.50 PER FISH)

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Listing for 40 of our popular Philippine Blue Angelfish. All fish are guaranteed to be fully DOUBLE DOSE PHILIPPINE BLUE -- no blue imitators here! This will be a random mix of veils and standard fins. We have lots of A+ excellent stock that we can sell at a reduced price when we don't have to do a lot of sorting. Our stock Philippine Blue lines originate with fish from Neil Oyama and Ken Kennedy acquired during the 2006-2010 timeframe. We have since been doing wild outcrosses and breeding for traits like the widefin and deep blue coloration. You will get a random selection of our Philippine Blue varieties which will give you lots of possibilities for breeding, or just a nice mix of blue types to display and enjoy. Fish will be randomly selected from all the blue types we breed, so you can expect a nice variety. We cull agressively to avoid bent fins, gill plate problems, etc. We stand behind the affordability and health of our angelfishAngelfish are approximately pre-dime size, they are 4 weeks old. Freshwater angelfish. Disease-free. Live arrival guaranteed. We highly recommend use of our Golden Pearls food and our Miracle Mini Bites food for our angelfish, as it is what they are used to eating.

SPECIAL NOTE: We are often asked if these groups only contain fish that are listed as "available" on the website. This is not the case. We can only list a particular type as "available" when we have enough of them to be able to cover large orders. In fact, we generally have much greater variety in the hatchery than we can make available as specific types. So, you can expect to get fish in these mixed groups that are listed as "unavailable" on the website.

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