Customer ratings for Electric Blue Marble Pearlscale Widefin Angelfish

Electric Blue Marble Pearlscale Widefin Angelfish
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The crown jewel of our blue marbles. Bright blue combined with pearlscale iridescence and wonderful marbling across a sail-like widefin.

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Number of ratings: 20
Average rating: 4.9
from Anonymous on 8/22/2021
I bought several of this variety from Lee just over a year ago. There was a slight delay due to stocking but he was so kind about it. He offered another variety that could be shipped immediately but I opted to wait a little longer for these ones. They were worth every moment of waiting! They arrived alive and well, and Lee sent an extra four with my order of eight. They have grown up to be stunningly beautiful with bright colors and straight, wide fins, and often get compliments from friends and family. I could not possibly ask for better. I just ordered another shipment with different varieties (all arrived in great condition) and am so excited to see how they grow!
5 star
from anonymous on 3/12/2020
absolutely stunning
from Anonymous on 9/25/2018
Its been a few years since I ordered from Lee, but let me say these fish are by far my favorite out off all the species. Stunning!
from Anonymous on 9/16/2018
The perfect word. I ordered 8 of these a few years back. They don't look too spectacular when young, but once they hit about half dollar size they really start putting on the color. I had 6 get to adulthood and I ended up with 2 Males and 4 females. All the fish readily spawned. They get huge, and all the finnage was perfect on these fish. Truly show quality.
from Anonymous on 4/26/2018
Have four of these and they have done extremely well ever since arrival. Growing and eating the mini bites from Lee and flake food too! They may arrive small but they grow quickly! Happy, healthy little fish!
Simply, Amazing.
from Anonymous on 5/22/2017
I ordered the group of 20 angels and got 2 of these. With the exception of 1 other angel (the standard fin version on the black and blue pinoy veiltail) this is my favorite fish from angelmania. The blue on them is faint when it's young but develops into a very nice shade of blue. Highly recommend it!! Thanks Angelmania!
from Anonymous on 1/20/2017
I ordered only one of this fish, and four different types. However, i was shipped nine and 6 survived. One thing i have to say is that i ended up with four of these which I'm pretty happy about! however, they came in extremely tiny and are refusing to eat food at the moment :/
from Anonymous on 10/26/2016
Got them dime sized in early April, I ordered 5, he sent 9. I was DOA. They are just as everyone else says, gorgeous, spectacular, eye-candy. My husband and I love looking at them and we always say that they are gorgeous. We call them "The lovelies". Could not be happier.
Amazing Color!
from Anonymous on 10/22/2016
I ordered a few of these back in April and they looked amazing from the start. It's been 6 months and they keep getting more beautiful! The colors on these are stunning, mainly blue but also a little green and gold in certain lights. They arrived very small (smaller than dime size) but have grown very quickly. The finnage and pearlscaling on these fish is exceptional, A++
from Anonymous on 9/14/2016
We ordered one and Lee sent us 2, they are simply amazing!!! We have lots of plants, black substrate and dark background. The black on them is very rich and dark and the blue is really pops! We got them back in March and they are now 2-3 inches long and not a day goes by without my wife and I commenting on how beautiful they are. We also got some equally impressive kois then and are very happy with the amazing colors they have! We will stocking our angel tank exclusively from Lee (in fact have already ordered our next batch that arrived 2 weeks ago and are equally as impressive)!
Cant wait to breed these!
from Anonymous on 9/6/2016
I ordered 12 of these and they arrived last week. They settled in within hours and I'm really impressed with the coloration. I have been breeding angelfish for about 20 years and never seen angels like this. Way to go Lee I'll be back for sure
100% Beautiful!
from Anonymous on 7/31/2016
I ordered these beauties and received them 2 weeks ago. For being so young, their color is coming in amazingly fast. And thanks to Lee's superior packaging, there was only one death when they got lost at the post office and took an extra 3 days to get to me.
from Anonymous on 7/22/2016
The color on these is just stunning! A+ fish!
Electric Blue
from Anonymous on 7/5/2016
I can't begin to understand how they did it, but in 30 year of keeping angels I never saw such intense coloration. These fish are by far the favorite of anything I have ever seen. Everyone that walks by my tank comments on them and can't believe the colors.
from Anonymous on 6/27/2016
These are just the best blue angelfish on the market. I have shopped around everywhere and spent hundreds of dollars. Lee's fish are miles above his competition. I won't shop anywhere else because these are the best.
Simply Stunning
from Anonymous on 2/5/2016
These are by far far the best, most beautiful fish I have ever owned. They are eye candy. I get so many compliments on them. They are the stars of my living room.
from Anonymous on 1/11/2016
My story: So the delivery company messed up on the shipping to Canada and the fish took a slight detour to the U.K. It was 6 days in a bag for them. I payed for 6 fish, Lee shipped out 12 and 10 of them came alive! Lee, your fantastic packaging and shipping methods saved these fish!
5 Star for sure
from Anonymous on 12/23/2015
These are fantastic fish with all kinds of pedigree..... Lee surely knows his angelfish...... I could not be any happier..... They have super patterns... Even sent extra fish.....
Beautiful, and extremely hardy, vibrant fish
from Anonymous on 11/4/2015
I bought a few about a year ago, and these fish are the most vibrant angels to date. A pair actually started laying today and I'm hoping to raise the fry. If you want the best quality marble blues, look no further!
from Anonymous on 9/7/2015
Received a set this week. Could not be more pleased. Incredible color. Thank you. Received what was promised.

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