Breeder Booster Premium Angelfish Food 4 oz.

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Having trouble with your breeding adults? Have they spawned in the past but don't continue? Are you having infertile eggs, or poorly-developing free swimmers? Do your adult angelfish seem to have lost their vigor? You may be doubting that a particular food could be the answer to your problems. Over they years, we doubted this very much too, but upon feeding this PREMIUM FLAKE food to our adult angels for a period of time, many of these issues resolved themselves. Having a large number of adults to feed, we don't bother with expensive frozen foods and such, we have settled on this flake formula, based on salmon, krill, and shrimp. Our adults love it and we count on it for successful breeding efforts. We think it will work for you too. Guaranteed fresh! This is the larger (4.0 oz) package size.

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