A+ Group of 10 Philippine Blue Angelfish (LESS THAN $5 PER FISH!)

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from on 2/6/2020
I ordered this plus one specific fish, as i wasn't sure what I wanted except for one of the black ones. I got 14 fish. 1 arrived dead. I didnt even report it since i still had 2 over what i ordered.
Its now been 24 hours and i fed them for the first time and they are doing WONDERFUL! I am so excited for their growth and future. :) The packaging coming was IMPECCABLE - I've ordered from many places and i rate this the best i've gotten so far. I was highly impressed overall. And the package came with detailed instructions all around. The fish are teensy. But there are instructions to help you understand how they are to be treated at that young of an age. I will order form here again, 100%
from on 5/10/2017
I just received my package today, and they are doing well. Only two died, and they are already getting nice color.
from on 5/25/2016
I ordered this 10 pack of Philippine Blue Angelfish from Lee because I couldn't decided which ones I wanted. All fish arrived alive and looking healthy. He even shipped a couple extra with the order. They are the cutest little things you will ever see. Never thought I'd see a fish that small in my tank. They are great, excellent quality and well packaged. Definitely Recommend Lee and his Angelfish!
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