Blue Ghost Widefin Angelfish

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These blue ghost angelfish are the foundation of my widefin stock. Excellent color and they maintain a wonderful wide fin shape into maturity. An excellent foundation stock for any widefin and/or blue lines. This line has some albino and gold genes, so breeding can result in paraiba, albino, and platinum, among other types. Fish may have pearlscale gene(s). Groups likely to contrain both veil and standard. We cull agressively to avoid bent fins, gill plate problems, etc. We stand behind the affordability and health of our angelfishAngelfish are approximately (+/-) dime size, they are 5-8 weeks old. Freshwater angelfish. Disease-free. Live arrival guaranteed. We highly recommend use of our Golden Pearls food and our Miracle Mini Bites food for our angelfish, as it is what they are used to eating.

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