Blue Marble Rainbow Widefin Angelfish

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Small yet gorgeous
from on 11/20/2016
When I first bought my angels this little guy was by far the most active, he was excited ever since I took the bag out and acclimated it to the water. Now it's been a week and his full potential is finally showing, his colors are absolutely popping up now and his wide fins make him look extravagant! I am very pleased with this angelfish!
incredibly beauitiful fish from a skilled and trustworthy team!
from on 7/4/2016
my BMR's came right on time and were super healthy! i have waited for a few months to review in order to see how their color came in. I am so happy with the colors and the shape of these gorgeous fish, that i cant wait to try other lines from Angelmania! i also picked up the food that Lee sells for juveniles. It has worked wonders for the BMR's and my other juvenile tanks! great fish at a great price!
Soooo Preeettttyyy!!!
from on 3/22/2016
So blue and pretty!!! I didn't see the gold at first....but it's starting to show up a bit. I can't wait to see his/her adult colors!!! He/shes already a stunner!!!!
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