Brazillian Wild Blue Glitter Angelfish

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Average rating: 4.5
Lovely fish
from on 3/7/2017
I got two of these last October along with a couple of blue ghosts and 3 Wild-Cross Phillipine Blue Silvers. They've been growing healthy and beautiful, with gorgeous fins, one of them ended up being a veil. The only thing I'm disappointed about in these fish is they lack that turquoise blue on their sides that the fish on the picture has (that's the reason I got them in the first place). Their coloration is pretty much the same as my Phillipine Blue Silvers, except that these ones have much darker blue fins and don't have the stripes, they have faint blue-green iridescence on their shoulders, just like the Phillipine blues.
Great color!
from on 11/4/2015
These little guys shine like a diamond in the light! Beautiful color and great size.
Would recommend this one. If not for a show tank, then great breeding stock! Can't wait to see them fully grown.
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