Anubias Heterophylla

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Do your fish need a mnore comfortable tank, with places to hide and feel secure? Is algae out of control in your tanks? We use Anubias in most one of our tanks to provide calming cover. It makes fish feel calm and secure when they can swim in and around some nice live plants. We recommend fast growing Anubias to provide a calming environment, maintain water quality and control algae. This plant floats in the middle of your tank and absorbs fish waste from the water. Grows quickly, oxygenates your water, and helps keep tank glass free of algae. Green plants in your aquarium help maintain overall water chemistry balance and can help protect fish from pathogens, bacteria, and parasites. A win-win-win plant. Does not require bright light, does not require fertilization, does not require CO2. You'll be surprised at the improvement in your water quality and the attitude of your fish. About as easy as they come! We'll clip you a small section with a few leaves and rhizomes. You can let it float in the tank, anchor it in substrate, or tie it to a rock or wood. We should note that all our plants are grown right along side our fish, not in some pond. This means our plants are coated in beneficial bacteria for your tank. These plants can help cycle your tank and provide a balanced environment for your fish.

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