Wild-Type Full-Bar Silver Angelfish

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The original silver angelfish. These are necessary and useful in breeding operations, as they have none of the dominant or recessive trait genes. That makes them a useful cross to create what you want for breeding. They have excellent body shape and fins and they develop very nice dark full bars (stripes). Fish are standard fin. Very similar to Altum angelfish in appearance and behavior. While true altum can be extremely difficult to care for, this variety is more hardy, more disease resistant, and much more compatible with other fish types. We cull agressively to avoid bent fins, gill plate problems, etc. We stand behind the affordability and health of our angelfishAngelfish are approximately (+/-) dime size, they are 5-8 weeks old. Freshwater angelfish. Disease-free. Live arrival guaranteed. We highly recommend use of our Golden Pearls food and our Miracle Mini Bites food for our angelfish, as it is what they are used to eating.

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