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Angelmania Shipping Information


Order Deadline

It takes us 48-72 hours to sort an order and prep the fish for shipment.
Our homepage shows the order deadline for our next shipping date.
Shipping information on our homepage is updated daily, as new information
and plans are developed.


Shipping Prices

WINTER shipping prices and policies are now in effect.



GROUND SHIPPING FOR FOOD/SUPPLIES: $9.99: This discount shipping price is for orders of food and supplies only.

You can change/select your shipping method during the checkout process.


General Shipping Information

We generally ship on Mondays and/or Tuesdays.
During winter, we may adjust shipping dates slightly to work around extreme cold temperatures.
Our homepage lists up-to-date shipping plans and order deadlines.
Please check our Shipping Date Calendar for details (see link at bottom of this page).
When you complete your checkout process, you will get an automated confirmation of your order.
Once we check your order and process it, we will send you an invoice (typically within 24 hours of placing your order).
If a payment is still needed, your invoice will give all the payment instructions.
Your invoice will also contain an estimated shipping date. now ships packages with the UPS Air because of delivery delays by the US Postal Service during COVID-19.

We will email you the tracking information for your package before your package ships. 


Fish Pictures has great example pictures intended to represent the quality of the fish we sell.
Unfortunately, we can't possibly take individual pictures of individual fish that can be ordered.
We simply do not have the resources to take pictures of hundreds of fish every week. 
Our pictures are intended to show you an accurate representation of the fish we will ship you.
Our example pictures are generally of adult fish.
Read the description of the fish you are ordering -- the description provides additional details on the appearance of the fish.
As you know, no two fish are alike.  We do our best to provide you with fish that will grow into close examples of the fish in our pictures.
We DO provide actual pictures of fish being sold as breeding pairs.


International Shipping

As of October 1, 2020, we are not accepting international orders.



You should be well prepared to acclimate your new fish to their new home. 
We have detailed acclimation instructions posted here on the website (see link at the bottom of this page).
We include a copy of the acclimation instructions inside every box of fish we ship.
We recommend you read the acclimation instructions ahead of time to be prepared.


Shipping and Extreme Weather

We ship in completely insulated containers with heat packs in cold weather.
When temperatures are very cold (sustained below 20 degrees), there could be a minor shipping delay.

We ship successfully year-round, even through very cold Buffalo, NY winters, with only minor delays.
We track temperatures for every order, paying attention to the night-time temperatures along the shipping route.
We also monitor other extreme weather that can affect a shipment, like floods, hurricanes, wildfires, etc.
We post our current shipping status on the top of our homepage.
In the event of a delay, we will reach out with information.
If you need to delay your shipment for any reason, let us know.





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