Live Guarantee

Live Guarantee

Angelmania Live Arrival Guarantee

Live Arrival Guarantee applies to shipments within the USA only.


Please read and understand and ask any questions before ordering. We will include a copy of our guarantee details with your shipment.

Every single order from ships with guaranteed live arrival of your fish. The following are terms and conditions of our Guarantee. Please read these carefully:

  1. Your package must be reliably delivered (available for pickup at your post office) on the scheduled delivery date. Our standard shipping is Priority Mail (unless upgraded to Express). The guarantee only applies if the package is delivered within the 2-3 date range specified on the shipping label we send when mailing. More than 90% of shipments are made within the 48-hour window, some take up to 72 hours for arrival. We do not take responsibility for delays by the USPS.
  2. Your package must be held for pickup at the post office. This is standard on all our shipments, unless you request otherwise. If you request direct delivery to your home address, the Guarantee does not apply.
  3. You must pick up the package the same day it is available at your post office. This is called "arrival at unit" on the USPS tracking. It is your responsibility to get to the post office and pick up your package on the expected date of arrival. 
  4. You must notify us of any dead fish within 2 hours of picking up the package. This notification requires a picture of dead fish in unopened bag or on dry paper towel.
  5. After two hours of delivery/pickup or once the fish are in a customer's tank, is not responsible for death of fish, as these circumstances are beyond our control.

‚ÄčIf ALL conditions of our guarantee are met, refunds or replacements would be given for dead fish only, actual shipping costs are NOT refundable. Our first priority will be to replace the fish with the customer paying the actual cost to reship the package. If (and only if) replacement fish are not available we will issue you a refund for the original purchase amount minus our actual shipping cost (even if the order was under the free shipping promotion).

Remember, if you have any questions about these guarantee details, please ask us before ordering.