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Angelmania Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we will be posting a list of questions we are frequently asked. We hope this might help you find answers to your questions quickly.


Q: Do you have a waiting list? Can I pre-order fish and have them shipped when available?
A: We do not keep a waiting list. We also do not accept pre-orders. On each product page, there is an option to sign up for notification when a particular variety becomes available. This is the best way to stay informed to order the fish you are looking for that may be unavailable.


Q: The type of fish I want is listed as "unavailable". Can you tell me when you will have more in stock?
Unfortunately, our angelfish availability is very much random. We breed a wide variety of angelfish types and we raise the best looking groups. We only have the ability to grow a small fraction of the angelfish bred in our hatchery. In fact we throw out more than 80% of our spawns, only growing out the groups that really look good. This means that we can't give estimates on the availability of fish types. It's best to check the website in order to see what's available. Or, you can sign up on the page of a particular fish type to be notified automatically when that type is available.


Q: Can you send me pictures of the exact fish for sale? Can you send us a picture of the exact fish in a tank?
A: has great example pictures intended to represent the quality of the fish we sell. Unfortunately, we can't possibly take individual pictures of individual fish that can be ordered. We simply do not have the resources to take pictures of hundreds of fish every week.  Our pictures are intended to show you an accurate representation of the fish we will ship you. Read the description of the fish you are ordering -- the description provides additional details on the appearance of the fish. As you know, no two fish are alike.  We do our best to provide you with fish that will grow into close examples of the fish in our pictures. We DO provide actual pictures of fish being sold as breeding pairs.


Q: What chemicals do you use to ship fish?
A: You may have received ordered fish that come in a bag of blue, green, or even yellow funny-smelling water. This is a result of the use of tranquilizers used to sedate fish for shipment. We have concerns about potential long-term effects of these tranquilizers, paticularly when it comes to breeding fertility. For this and other reasons, we use absolutely no chemicals when shipping your fish. We ship in 100% pure filtered water. No chemicals, conditioners, or additives. We have excellent shipping success and believe with our preparation and packing methods, chemicals are not needed to safely ship your fish. In fact, we believe our fish are much healthier when they arent heavily sedated during shipping.


Q: Can I request that you pick out males or females for me?
A: Angelfish sex can not be determined until fish are full breeding adults, which would be when they reach about 10 months of age. As such, we can't tell the sex of the juvenile angelfish we sell. If you are looking to eventually end up with a breeding pair (or pairs), the best option you have is to increase the odds of having males and females in the group. Statistically, with a random group of 6 angelfish, you will be almost certain to have both males and females in the group.


Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: As of March 2020, we no longer ship internationally.


Q: I don't live too far away. Can I come see the hatchery? Can I pick out fish? 
A: Unfortunately, our family members are the only ones allowed in the hatchery. We simply don't have enough time to meet all the requests for people who would like to look at and pick out fish. Further, as an insurance issue we don't have insurance coverage for visitors to the hatchery. Also, our quarantine procedures are very strict, which prohibits anyone from entering the hatchery without taking measures for disinfection.


Q: Can I pick up my order?
A: With our busy schedules, we find it is much easier to ship all orders, even if local. Our shipping costs are low (or free) and for orders shipped locally, they generally arrive overnight without express shipping. As of April 1, 2016, we are no longer offering pickup as an option, and all orders are shipped. You can see a calendar of shipping dates on our information page.


Q: What are your water parameters? Do I need to have similar water parameters for your angelfish?
A: Our water is relatively hard (150ppm TDS) out of the tap. We condition it with water filtered by reverse osmosis (RO) to bring the TDS down to about 50ppm. Using RO water for angelfish is NOT necessary. The reason we use it is that we find it helps maintain breeding activity in our adults. Our pH is in the 7.4 to 7.8 range. Our hatchery is heated to 82 degrees, so all water is kept at 82 degrees. Our angelfish acclimate well to virtually any water conditions. We ship fish to every corner of the country and we know from experience that they will tolerate even a drastic change in water conditions as long as they are properly acclimated. We have acclimation instructions posted on this website (see links at bottom of this page) and we include a copy of these instructions in every box of fish.


Q: What shipping service do you use?
A: Angelmania ships all orders with UPS Air. We do not use USPS or FedEx. 




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