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Angelmania Shipping Information

Please read, understand and ask any questions before ordering.

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Free Shipping is currently offering free shipping on website orders of $65.00 and above when the order is paid for by check or money order. Please note BOTH these conditions need to be met for free shipping. All other orders (such as orders paid by credit card or Paypal) will be charged one flat rate shipping charge of $20.00 per order (regardless of order size). Please be sure to select the appropriate payment type and shipping for your order at checkout.

You can NOT pay with Paypal or credit card and choose "free shipping". Any orders made in this fashion will be held until the $20.00 shipping fee is paid.


General Shipping Information

We generally ship on Mondays and/or Tuesdays. Please check our shipping dates for days when we will be shipping. When you complete your checkout process, you will get an automated confirmation of your order. Once we check your order and process it, we will send you an invoice (typically within 24 hours of placing your order). If a payment is still needed, your invoice will give all the payment instructions. Your invoice will also contain an estimated shipping date. ships packages with the USPS only. Please do not request shipping with UPS or FedEx, because it is not possible for us to ship with these carriers. Our standard shipping service is USPS Priority. This is a fairly reliable 2-3 day service (see map below). Generally, our only shipping day is Monday. We will send a tracking number before your package ships.  

International Shipping

International shipping is available to any location in the world from June 1 to September 30. Some exceptions can be made to this timeframe for shipping to warm locations. Buyer pays actual international shipping cost. There is NO LIVE GUARANTEE on international shipments. We have great success with international shipping, however sometimes a package will be delayed at customs, which is beyond our control. All purchase and shipping costs are at buyers risk. We offer NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENTS on international shipments. If you live outside the USA, please contact us directly to place an order. If there is a break in the cold during winter months, we can get orders out to colder locations (like Canada) however because the longest heat packs on the market only last a few days, we need extended warm temperatures to safely make the shipment.



You should be well prepared to acclimate your new fish to their new home. We ship our acclimation instructions with each shipment of fish. In order to be prepared ahead, please click here to read these instructions.


Shipping and Extreme Weather

We ship in appropriately insulated containers with heat packs in cold weather. When temperatures are very cold (below 20 degrees, see forecast low temperature map below) in our location or yours, there is likely to be a shipping delay, as even with multiple heat packs and good insulation, extreme cold will kill shipped fish. In the event of a shipping delay, we will contact you with a revised shipping date. We ship successfully year round through very cold Buffalo, NY winters. We only generally experience minor shipping delays (a week or two) due to cold. Temperatures above freezing (in the mid-upper 30s) are just fine for shipments. We track temperatures very closely for every single order. One of the tools we use is a 10-day temperature map. We pay attention to the nighttime temperatures, as these are the lowest temperatures than can affect your fish shipment. We track temperatures based on your individual zipcode. Other unexpected weather events that could cause a shipping delay would include a large storm such as a snowstorm or hurricane. During hurricane Sandy, for example, we delayed all shipments to the eastern seaboard because of long delays of USPS shipments.


Many federal holidays fall on a Monday. When this happens, we usually ship the following day, on a Tuesday. Please check our shipping dates for more information. In mid-December every year, the USPS experiences severe delays as a result of the holiday shipping rush. Until they fix this issue it will remain our policy not to ship for much of December unless it is a pre-arranged Express shipment. Again, check our shipping dates. Our standard Priority shipping is either a 2-day or 3-day shipment (see map below) and we can't assume responsibility for delays in delivery by the USPS. This is why we manage our shipping schedule to avoid this to the best degree possible. So, in summary, if you want something before Christmas, best to order it by mid-November. Of course, you can always contact us for a gift certificate that someone can spend after the holidays!

Hold for Pickup

We send packages to be held for pickup at your local post office. With your order, you will supply a contact phone number to go on the package so that the post office can notify you when the package is available for pickup. It is your responsibility however, to understand you have a package coming and to pick it up on the day it is available.

The final leg of the delivery (the delivery truck) is the most deadly for shipped fish. Delivery trucks are often not climate controlled and your fish will not do well sitting on a cold or hot truck while being delivered. This is why we deliver to your post office, where the package can wait in good conditions for you to pick it up.

If you would like an order delivered to your home, you must contact us for this. Also, waiver of the hold for pickup means waiver of our live arrival guarantee.


Express Shipping

Sometimes you just want it shipped FAST. Customers are welcome to upgrade from Priority to Express shipping. Customer will pay actual shipping cost for this service. Please contact us if you are interesting in upgrading the shipping service. We can give you a quick quote of what it will cost to use Express shipping.

Please note that ALL adult fish and breeding pairs will ship with Express service at actual cost and free shipping is NOT available with adult fish or breeding pairs.


Cancelled Orders - Restocking Fee

We realize there is sometimes the need to cancel an order, however we spend considerable time and effort sorting and preparing your fish for shipment as soon as the order is received. Any order that is cancelled before we ship will be subject to a 33% restocking fee. Before you place your order, please be sure you are ready to receive the fish.


USPS Priority - Estimated Deliery Time Map

90% of USPS Priority Mail shipments are delivered within 2-days, howevwe some areas of the country are within 3-day areas for packages shipped from Buffalo, NY. If you are in a 3-day delivery area, you may want to consider upgrading your shipping to Express Mail. You can contact us by email to upgrade shipping.





Continental USA Frost/Freeze FORECAST Map

Shipping delay can occur if temperatures are at or below 32 degrees
in the path of your angelfish shipment.


We have a weather station operating outside our hatchery.

You can see our weather any time!

For more complete weather data from our station see HERE.

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