Electric Blue Acara Cichlid - SALE 50% OFF!!!


Electric Blue Acara Cichlid - SALE 50% OFF!!!

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As you can tell, we LOVE blue fish. The electric blue acara cichlid is becoming one of our favorites. They have SO MUCH personality. They'll come to the front of the tank and interact with you all day long. They make excellent peaceful companions for angelfish. These grow to about 4" long. They have very iridescent blue scales. They have bright orange tips along their dorsal fins. They are also very easy to breed if you'd like to try. People love these fish! We cull agressively to avoid bent fins, gill plate problems, etc.We stand behind the affordability and health of our angelfishAngelfish are approximately (+/-) dime size, they are 5-8 weeks old. Freshwater angelfish. Disease-free. Live arrival guaranteed. We highly recommend use of our Miracle Mini Bites food for our angelfish, as it is what they are used to eating.

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