318 Blue Silver (M) and Peruvian Silver Veil (F...

318 Blue Silver (M) and Peruvian Silver Veil (F)..........(SOLD)

You likely have to know a bit about breeding angels and their genetics to appreciate this pair beyond their stunning looks. This is a perfect example of a pairing we are using to improve our Philippine Blue lines. The male is a perfect large Philippine Blue Silver, with 25% wild blood (Rio Negro). The female is a Peruvian Silver Veil with 75% wild blood. The only domestic genes in these lines are (1) Veil and (2) Philippine Blue, which is the perfect starting point for a strong Philippine Blue line. This pairing represents years of work on these two lines and their offspring can be the foundation of a breeding program. Experienced breeders will appreciate what this pair represents. Both fish 11 mos old. Given the size of these fish, they will only ship to locations with overnight USPS Express service from Buffalo, NY. Fish cannot be purchased on the website. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this pair. Please contact us with your zip code if you need an exact shipping quote. Thanks for looking! *Discounts and promotions do not apply to breeding pairs. (SOLD 7/22)