PAIR 317

317 Blue Ghost Superveil (M) and Blue Paraiba Veil (F)..........(SOLD)

Stripeless genes galore! This pair is producing lots of nice paraiba veils, and the local fosh stores love them! This pair should pay for itself very quickly. Another pair I'd love to keep but don't have the room. The male is really a palm-sized huge blue ghost superveil. This fish will require that this pair have at least a 20 gallon tank all to themselves, as his fins take up 2/3 of the tank. The female is a 50% Rio Negro wild blood paraiba. She is out of my Neil Oyama lines, which have produced spectacular results. Camera washed out the color on the paraiba's metallic coverage, but you can still tell how nice it is. Given the size of these fish, they will only ship to locations with overnight USPS Express service from Buffalo, NY. Fish cannot be purchased on the website. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this pair. Please contact us with your zip code if you need an exact shipping quote. Thanks for looking! *Discounts and promotions do not apply to breeding pairs. (SOLD 7/10/16)