PAIR 316

316 Blue Pinoy Paraiba (M) and Blue Chocolate (F)..........(SOLD)

Excellent Philippiine Blue breding pair. The male is a huge pinoy paraiba, 12 months old. Excellent metallic coverage. The female is a blue chocolate, laying regular spawns about every 11 days. This pair is producing some nice smokey paraibas, which I have greedily kept for myself ;-) Female is almost 10 months old. Easygoing breeders, there is no nipping or agression with these two, they seem to get along perfectly. An easy pair to breed. Great starter breeders for someone and certainly a nice addition to a breeding collection. Given the size of these fish, they will only ship to locations with overnight USPS Express service from Buffalo, NY. Fish cannot be purchased on the website. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this pair. Please contact us with your zip code if you need an exact shipping quote. Thanks for looking! *Discounts and promotions do not apply to breeding pairs. (SOLD 7/3/16)