Pair 309

309 Blue Pinoy Paraiba (M) and Blue Pinoy (F)..........(SOLD)


Rare that we offer a breeding pinoy paraiba, but this time of year, I've pulled all the summer breeding pairs that I have room for, so the rest will be offered for sale. The metallic paraiba is always one of the most difficult things to photograph and I took a few hundred shots of this male to get the images below. Note the metallic paraiba sheen all the way down the ventral fins! The female is impressive too, showing a deep dark blue coloration on the crown. Notice the long tail fin streamers on the female -- these attest to recent wild blood. This line is crossed two generations ago into the 50% wild blood line from the Rio Negro (Santa Isabel, Brazil). Both fish are 9 months old. Express shipping only. Please contact us if you are interested in buying this pair, or if you need an exact shipping quote. (SOLD 3/10)